103 – Electrical Safety

This course aims to provide employees working within the Highway Electrical Sector with an understanding and awareness of Electrical Safety and their individual and collective responsibilities under organisation and legislative policies.

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A summative assessment will follow the completion of this course or group of courses.


On completion of the course learners will:

  • Identify injuries caused by electricity.
  • State the difference between direct and indirect contact.
  • Explain the effects of electric shock to the human body
  • Identify measures to prevent electrical injuries.
  • Follow organisation procedures.
  • State the reasons for inspection & testing of fixed and portable equipment.

Course Topics

  • Injuries from electricity.
  • Types of contact.
  • Effects on the human body.
  • Measures to prevent electrical injuries.
  • Awareness of Electricity at Work Regs; G39
  • Inspection & testing principles.


To enable maximum learning and benefit from this course, there will a number of exercises. These may be both interactive and demonstrative to enhance the learning experience.


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