With our highly-experienced team, Cable Connections Ltd offer a vast amount of utility services to the UK’s comprehensive power network, including full turn-key services from design to completion. We have worked with a large range of clients including IDNO, DNO and private networks, meaning with have an extensive knowledge and familiarity with a variety of project requirements. Capable of under taking residential, commercial and industrial proposals, including high-rise and emergency call outs, Cable Connections Ltd are the ICP to call for any Utility requirements.

Building Network Operator Solutions

Building Network Operator (or BNO) is something talked about in multiple-use or multiple-occupancy buildings. Whether you are building new or converting an existing building, we can help make your BNO connection easy and hassle-free.

As an ICP (Independent Connections Provider) and NICEIC contactor, we can design and complete your installation from the distribution network to the individual meters, and we can also arrange for the install to be adopted by an IDNO (Independent distribution network operator), so that future maintenance and repair is no cost or responsibility of the owner or manager of the building.

How Can We Help?

We offer a design and quotation for your install from the distribution network to each individual meter, as well as beyond the meter and into the individual units.

We then complete the process of installing the BNO organising the adoption by an IDNO, so that any future maintenance or repair as discussed above.

We will also communicate with the DNO for a smooth installation. For more information on BNOs, contact us below.

ICP Cable Jointing & Laying

We are an Independent Connections Provider with a highly skilled team of accredited operatives who can offer excavation, backfill and reinstatement of all surface types, from the roads and highways of major cities, to the farmland and woodland of the British countryside.

Our team are on-hand to pull cables either via a Duct System, or a direct lay into a trench, often working alongside our qualified and confident jointing team attending to all service, LV and HV works.

All data and dimensions are recorded and processed as required for asset adoption by our knowledgeable and experienced office team.

TBS – Temporary Buildings Supply

TBS is often used when the need for an electrical connection is required to enable building works to proceed on site, before the new connection can be installed.

Cable Connections can provide a quote for the turnkey services for this element of your project, including the design and install of the TBS, as well as provide services for the new connection installation also.

Substation Build

Working to our approved designs and drawings, our reliable team of specialists can complete all aspects of the build to any adopting authority standard. We can complete a full substation fit-out with switchgear installation, terminations, earthing, protection and communication units, while also providing any small power and lighting as required in the building.

We have a specialist team with 20 years of experience who plan, design and complete cost-effective substation solutions up to 11kV that are approved and accredited.

Riser and Lateral Installation

Multiple Occupancy Buildings (MOBs) often require an electrical rising main, which often can be many stories high, for example in tower blocks of flats, schools and hospitals. Rising and lateral mains supply can be quickly installed by our efficient team of specialist and provide a dependable solution to many MOBs no matter their purpose. Our specialist internal cable jointers are confident in delivering a safe power source to your building or facilities and have the expertise to install and connect cables in a variety of environments.

Often with high-rise or multiple occupancy buildings, the install location is hard-to-reach or even at height, and our experienced engineers are confident and efficient in even the most intricate of builds. We can install as a standard rising electrical mains, or with use of containment, to ensure that the building is safe and correct for each situation.

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