Street Furniture

From Bus Shelters to Street Lighting, Cable Connections has been a trusted provider of street furniture across the country for many years. We are trusted by councils and local authorities as well as large main highways contractors such as FM Conway and Kier.

We also provide commercial venue and estate operators high quality street furniture services with packages bespoke to the requirements and project.

Some examples of the areas we cover are:

Street Lighting Collums

Bollards, Barriers & Posts

Litter bins & Ashtrays

Benches & Seating

Site Signage

Traffic Management

Bus Stops & Stations



Our workforce is made up of a diverse and multi-skilled team, meaning our solutions are more cost effective and efficient for everyone involved. Contact us to find out more.

National Highway and Road Lighting

As a accredited street lighting contractor, Cable Connections have a specialist team who are experienced and reliable to install, maintain and upgrade a range of street lighting in a full range of project and one-off situations.

We provide cost-effective and flexible solutions to many councils and contractors across the country and can facilitate LED upgrades, connections for cameras such as Speed and Enforcement equipment, signage lighting, and bridge/tunnel lighting.

We are NERS Accredited ICP and HERS accredited to install, repair and maintain street furniture, with a qualified and efficient team of both day and night operatives to ensure minimal disruption.

Traffic Management & Technology

Alongside our large electrical and civil divisions, we are also accredited to provide Traffic Management services, both temporary and permanent, in order to ensure the safety of all road users, including workers such as ourselves. Partnered with our certified training centre, all our operatives are qualified, safe, cautious and alert, following the very best operating practises to ensure not only their own safety on the road, but also other road users as well.

We offer high quality and safe environments for a full range of works, including both planned maintenance and events as well as emergency works. These solutions are mostly seen used on our own install or maintenance projects, but bespoke packages can be looked at to fit your requirements.

Our Street Furniture Division also provides Technology Services to the National Highways network of Motorways and Public Roads. We are well-versed in installing and commissioning cutting edge technology systems, and trusted across the country as a reliable and honest solution.

Contact our expert team to find out more.

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