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Whether we like it or not, at some point we all will be on the receiving end of theft or vandalism, either as a business or personally. Preventive action is key, so lets talk about the simplest preventative out there – LIGHTING.

Security lighting is undoubtedly one of the most important preventive solutions available to you in general, but while widely used in the commercial setting, the extend of what lighting can offer, often isn’t reaching its full potential.

Although we would always advise multiple methods of security in place, such as an alarm system and CCTV, the mere presence of certain lighting is enough to put-off intruders. Motion sensors, timers and photocells are often used in outdoor environments to optimise sustainability and offer the ability to modify your lighting to your requirements, while indoor spaces tend to stick to already specified emergency lighting.

Why should I add to Security Lighting to my Commercial Setting?

First and foremost, a well-lit area drastically reduces the chances of a break-in as the intruders do not have the benefit of darkness to hide in. As well as this, the lighting working with a surveillance system has a higher chance of providing recognisable footage – offering business owners a much better chance of a positive resolution should anything occur. This also offers safety to authorised persons too, making it safer for them to be walking alone outside after dark, as well as revealing any hidden dangers with potential to cause accidents.

Options available to you?

Standard Lighting –

Standard security lighting is costly. This is consistently on whether day or night, burning unnecessary electricity and reducing life of the product, meaning the fitting or lamp may have to be changed more often, requiring more expense, even if its is an LED. You also run a high amount of light pollution and unwanted visitors can often see the premises easily, scouting out entry points or potentials goods well before they can be seen.

Photocell or Timed Lighting –

Often known as dawn-to-dusk lighting, this offers a slightly cheaper alternative to standard lighting. The sensor will trigger when they detect the amount of light outside has reduced and turn on accordingly. These lights are effective at making it seem as though the building is constantly occupied and security lights may aid CCTV capture, if placed well, by making footage clearer. Timed lighting works very similar, operating to come on at a certain time, but is less cost effective unless changed in line with the seasonal time changes.

Both these options still offer the same cons that the standard lighting does, in that the light pollution is still increased and the site is easier to see from distance, possibly aiding those unwanted guests, though it does improve energy usage by around half.

PIR Lighting

A Half Lantern PIR Sensor Light used for Security Lighting

PIR Security lighting are operated by a motion sensor that detects rapid changes in temperature by passive infrared energy, and is sensitive to the temperature of the human body (and some animal). When triggered, they can effectively light up a large area and quickly make dark spaces harder to hide in. This sudden switch on attracts attention for anyone wishing to go unnoticed, as well as making safe areas which may hide unsuspecting dangers. As they aren’t on all of the time, PIR lights tend to be more cost-effective and make any access points less obvious from further away, making these the most common solution for security lighting in the commercial sector.

Tips for Security Lighting

Investing in lighting is always a consideration, so here are our tips to ensure you get the most out of your investment with us:


Making sure your lighting system works is important. Whether you go for mains supply or battery powered lighting, regular checks to ensure your lighting has the required supply it needs is needed. Testing and maintaining of your lighting can be done by a qualified electrician such as Cable Connections.


Make sure your lighting is out of reach, or hard to access, to prevent tampering, otherwise your attempt becomes fruitless when criminals disconnect your preventative tactic.


Make sure the light you pick has the desired amount of Lumens for your set up. Dim lighting is unlikely to achieve the solution you are after, but ensure that it isn’t so bright as to disturb neighbouring buildings and properties, and that it doesn’t create any glare on the cameras. For advice in installing a lighting system, please contact our office.

Efficiency vs Effectiveness

PIR LED Lighting is the best solution to ensure you are providing an adequate solution without breaking the bank on energy or install costs. Some LED manufacturers even offer energy saving calculations so you can see clearly your return on investment before your install.

Although security lighting may help deter burglars, lighting should not be your only security system. To maximise your protection, consider incorporating additional security measures with security lights, such as CCTV and Alarm systems.

For more information on providing your site with better security, both in lighting and other methods, request a call-back from one of the team on our contact page Contact Us | Cable Connections (

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