HESA 202 | Avoiding Danger from Underground Services

This course aims to provide suitably qualified employees working within the Highway Electrical
Sector the underpinning skills required to understand and use equipment to avoid danger from
underground services. Additionally this course aims to provide sufficient knowledge to undertake
the Assessment for Unit 1 of the NRSWA 1991.


Seats Available: 12


Pre-requisites for HESA 202

A complete list of pre-course requirements is available on request.


A practical assessment will form part of this course, which will include an assessment on the use of appropriate detection equipment and drawings to locate underground services.


On completion of the course learners will:
• Identify associated Hazards.
• Identify a Safe System of work.
• Demonstrate the correct location of services using Site Drawings
• Identify underground services
• State the need for Underground Service Avoidance
• Demonstrate the correct use of underground services drawings
• Demonstrate the correct use of the Cable Avoidance Tool.
• Demonstrate the correct use of the Generator and Ancillary equipment.
• State the need for Safe Excavation/digging


To enable maximum learning and benefit from this course, there will be a number of learner exercises. These may be both interactive and demonstrative to enhance the learning experience.

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