HESA 210.1 | Work in the Vicinity of DNO / IDNO (Incl. G39)

This course aims to provide suitably qualified Engineers and HERS registered operatives with
the knowledge required for working in the vicinity of DNO / IDNO equipment- including overhead
lines in a safe and responsible manner and to comply with their responsibilities under
organisation and legislative policies. This course excludes the removal and replacement of DNO
cut-out fuse carriers.


Seats Available: 12


Please Note – This course excludes the removal and replacement of DNO
cut-out fuse carriers.

Pre-requisites for HESA 210.1

A complete list of pre-course requirements is available on request.


A practical assessment will form part of this course, which will include an assessment on the use of appropriate detection equipment and drawings to locate underground services.


On completion of the course learners will:
• State the associated Hazards and Risks.
• State the acceptable clearances between lighting columns and overhead lines.
• State the different methods of providing a mains supply.
• State the responsibilities of operatives regarding commissioning, maintenance, repair and emergency attention.
• State the method of work to be adopted when working in the vicinity of live conductors.
• List the PPE requirements.
• State the correct procedure to remove and replace a cut-out fuse carrier for isolation purposes and fuse replacement.


To enable maximum learning and benefit from this course, there will a number of exercises. These may be both interactive and demonstrative to enhance the learning experience.

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